Movie – I Am Number Four!

The movie is based on the novel ‘I Am Number Four’, directed by D. J. Caruso.

You are going for I Am Number Four on Friday just few seconds. When I saw “I Am Number Four” trailer first time, wish to watch the movie because of the sound effect. Yeah all the movie trailers like that way only. But i am feel something different and expected from that movie “I Am Number Four”.


Actorsas in Movie
Alex PettyferJohn Smith/Number 4
Dianna AgronSarah Hart
Timothy OlyphantHenri
Kevin DurandMogadorian Commander
Teresa PalmerNumber 6
Callan McAuliffeSam Goode
Jake AbelMark James

The story follows alien boy John Smith(Alex Pettyfer), from the planet Lorien. His planet was destroyed by the evil creatures from Mogador(who look like Lord Voldemort with gills and tattoos). John Smith is amongst the last of his race. To be precise, he is number 4. They are 10i-am-number-four-movie-photo-3.jpg specially gifted kids who have the potential to save planet earth from blood sucking Mogodorians. Numbers 1,2 and 3 have already been killed, which means number 4 is next. Smith and his protector Henry(Timothy Olyphant) are now on the run. They set up base in the small town of Paradise, Ohio. At Paradise High School he meets Sarah(Dianna Agron). Sarah and Smith’s friendship soon blossoms into love. Simultaneously Smith is also discovering his super powers(in full Peter Parker style). After saving her from bad guys and picking up fights with the school quarterback, Smith draws enough attention to invite Mogodorian trouble. Enter Number 6 (Teresa Palmer), a bike riding, smart talking, trigger happy girl who comes to the aid of her fellow Lorian. What ensues next is a sequence of high powered action sequences complete with full blown visual effects that probably comprise of the most interesting part of the film.

Sound Effects: The sound engineers did a fantastic job on this movie.

Visual Effects:You can’t imagine the effects, really good.

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