Regex handling on code is fun moment and the challange to find and filter Here I wasnt to select letters till the year, technically want that year only ‘[‘ select regex eg: This is how to regex for the year [2020] Regex sample : .+?.\[First dot reperasent start the characters

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தூய இந்தியா இயக்கம் - சின்னம்

Swachh Bharat logo – tamil

பதிவிறக்க > mouse வலது கிளிக் செய்து “Save image as” சொடுக்கவும். Download : right click on image and select “Save image as”. Swachh Bharat is initiated by Indian Government and expanded to all over the country. Now a days most of us response to maintain clean home/office/ even public places. Because of this initiatives villages a

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Google Webmaster Conference 2019 – Chennai

Google announced webmaster conference 2019 happen in India July and August. Google conduct this Event at 15 cities and 6 languages (Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Tamil, English, Telugu). Also few cities welcome women only for attendees. #Chennai Event will be hosting with Tamil language. Event organisers start sending the attendees confirmation email based on their registration.

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OnePlus6 Short Review

OnePlus one is one of best mobile when it launched. I purchased from Amazon store and still holding it. That is one of best in segment 3GB Ram and 64GB storage. Followed this product from 1+ released Oneplus2, OnePlusX, OnePlus3, OnePlus3T, OnePlus5, OnePlus5T. In 2018 OnePlus launched OnePlus6 with “8GB Ram, 128GB storage” and another one “6GB Ram, 64GB storage”

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