How to Show or hide the taskbar on windows7

The windows7 taskbar normally on bottom some designers using on top like me.

Windows7 Taskbar show or hide
Windows7 Taskbar

When using the big screen is fine on that place. But on small screens that adapt more space. So you can set-it like show /auto hide the windows taskbar to create more window spaces.


  • Right click on the taskbar > then click properties (you will see the Taskbar and start menu properties window).
  • Now you can select or deselect the options
    • “Lock the taskbar” meant that you can’t move that bar.
    • “Auto-hide the taskbar” when mousehover the section will show or hide automatically.
    • “Use small icons” may create some space as you like.
  • And more options like bar on top or bottom and more..
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