Ford India Owners Group – FordFigoChennai meet Oct’11 2015

I am happy to part of Ford Figo India Owners Group from facebook. We are planned for all India meet in various places, like near the metros. As per the plan #Chennai group decided for “Chennai meet” travel from Chennai to Konai Waterfalls at 11-Oct-2015.


Totally 12 Figo car’s and 20+ Members attend that meeting. I was joined with my friends.

Trip to Konai WaterFalls:-
As per the national meet plan, Chennai facebook group decided for KonaiFalls travel. When we are plan lots of conversation on whatsapp and Amarkartick coordinate Chennai Ford India Owners meet and well communicate till trip completed. We are connect on whatsapp chat over day and late-night and planned well.

We split into 2 team one from palavaram, and another one from Puzhal. We started at 2points one group from Pallavaram, Chennai and another group started from Puzhal, Chennai. I was in Puzhal point joint 4 cars. We met, handshake and introduced each of us. Morning around 8ó clock we start driving with awesome climate with slow rain drops. Car wipers starts and slowly moving the place. We strict and maintain the speed limit at <50km/hr. First time I was drive less then 60 speed on outside city, But it was awesome drive experience. We continue on Kolkatta high way and then took left from Janappanchatram Village and continue on Tirupathi road. Once reached Periyapalayam took left at Tirupathi road and Gummudipoondi road cross junction, and continue travel on Tirupathi road. On the way met too many speed breaks.

On the way the left and right full of green and the farms are cooling eyes, and hill covered with clouds. Without distrub we continue and the 4 cars are lined up one by one, without overtaking we reached Uthukottai and stopped for breakfast. Already we decided for a hotel near the 5-light junction. Mean time Palavaram group reached Uthukottai and stopped at hotel. When reached all 12-Ford Figo cars at 12.00pm, who ever crossing the place increase their eye brows and talk about us.. Met all of us and self introduced, and had breakfast and start driving.

Same way one bullet gang nearly 25 parked on roadside and take group picture. After seen us One guy ride fast and covered us on a curved place.


We reached the Kone entrance and get in, The road is narrow and single way road. Carefully entered all our Figo’s, we seen one stall with bath dress and toys, child might start asked when stop that place. Then we continue entered up and down road (one guy asked for the entrance fee Rs.30/ car). Finally we reached the waterfalls parking place. We parked our cars on a square angle and taken few snaps, #selfie and #groupie.


Then we stepped into falls area, Some local elders asked for falls entrance few of Rs.5/head and kids are free 🙂

We seen lots of monkey which ready to pick our snacks, luckily every one had a travel bag and back bags. Lots of Monkey walk around single couple, and group of family and baby-monkeys. Without disturbed that not afraid and step in. There was an great location covered with greens and rock hills. For that place we feel the different environment and cool place (if the water floating) from falls.

We chosen a place for sit and start discussion about their professionals and cars. Some of them asked questions and got cleared in detail. Under the falls one small “Kailasa nathar” temple was perfectly placed and the god statue well place with in cave. The temple was cool feeling and you might feel some vibration. 

Then taken few selfie and get ready to enjoy bath. Most of us came to enjoy the bath. Well structure and safety hangers are placed, and some cave level can sit and enjoy the water falls force. For this time high water fall and the force is really not able to handle us. Near the place one big stone, me and my friends are site and enjoy the water force. Lots of other people who came from around the area and some people came here when traveling Chennai to Tirupathi or Tirupathi to Chennai. Around lots of young guys around and enjoy the location. There is a way to uphill but there is a warning post from AP Govt. not allow for uphill. But some guys crossed and taken pictures.

After we changed our dressing move back to the gangs place. We continue to discuss some interesting topics and had a fun day. We back to our parking place and start setting up to drive back. All back and start tiling drive. We stopped few place and taken snaps and videos, Continue drive and taken the main road and drive follow the medium speed. When return back the side scenes are awesome with sung light. On the way we stopped few places and taken different angle photos. We reached on road side hotel and had lunch.

Few clicks for your view:-


Totally took 80km (from Puzhal to Konaifalls) & 100km took (from Pallavaram to Konaifalls). It was as amazing experience and met new friends and had a chance to know more about my car, and we shared lots of technical and more about car maintenance.

All set back and said bye.. bye.. and drive back to home. It was a short and small trip. But the driving experience and spend time was remember-able and planning to do more travel and meets.

I say Thanks for all “Ford India Owners Group – FordFigoChennai meet Oct’11 2015” and it will continue..

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  1. Ramkumar Ramaraj

    I am with Gavaskee on the trip. Its was really awesome trip for me. Well organised trip by “FordFigoChennai”.

  2. Wow, i wish i dint miss the trip :-), Looks like you guys had lots of fun 🙂

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