My #chennairescue at ChennaiFloods & social media responsibilities

Dec 1st 2015, No one expect that much of rain fall in Chennai and Suburb. Due to rain schools and college declared holiday. I was in Perambur and wakeup early (~7.00am) and getting ready to office. My wife told raining from yesterday night and not stopped yet, so she request me to work from home that day. I plan to wait some time, if rain reduce plan to go office otherwise stay back..

Interesting part is every 1st and 16th petrol and diesel prices are revising.. For that day Petrol price reduced bit ..

Clock round & round… reached 10.30 try to reach my office team members.. couple of guys start reporting.. I planned to stay back at home and support remotely. Rain falls continues and noon, Tamil-TV Channels are start alarm “Adyar river getting heavy water flow because of sembaramkakkam lake open for excess water..”. For that time i am try to closely watching the social media, twitter and facebook. Not much updates on Facebook for that time from my facebook friends. and start looking on twitter message and setup my mobile get ready. Twitter start tweets related to the information and Chennai people start tweet and updated realtime status.

So, Chennai started Panic around 1.30 and office staffs start guiding to leave early. I seen live tweet, Saidapet bridge water level increased and might water float over the bridge and traffic getting close kind of messages. Also had traffic all the area’s, every one start leaving at same time..

I had a quick call with team members guide to leave quickly. They start booking the cab & started leave to home, and informed post reach have a call confirmation to reached safe. Got the call & msg all are reached safely. I continue my work till evening and started my social activities.

Regularly, I am following the local tweets with the hashtag #chennai, Suddenly noticed fresh hashtags like #chennairains #ChennaiFloods trending.. So I keep on eye on that.


Lots of friends are shared pictures and videos of the day. Day 1, Chennai settled with fears.. lots of places around Saidapet, jafferkhanpet, vellacherry and mudichur getting water inside house, people are shout and get safe the things and start moving to upstairs.. This all happen mid night around 3.00am.

Dec 2nd 2015, Adyar water flow level more and more.. All TV channels are waited at Saidapet and kasi Theatre bridge and covered the water flow, and some time they turned into rescue operations continue from Chennai Fire team, Chennai police and local buddies..

The sad part is non of the north state channels or english channels not consider Chennai having #BreakingNews or not. After trending the tweets all channels mainly Ibnlive, and NDTV, channels started coverage and increased their trb’s

I am not able to jump in to field. Then decided at-least can try to help from twitter or calls. Deeply analysed #chennaifloods, #chennairains, #ChennaiRescue, #chennairainshelp to start retweeting, getting few request and pass it to concern volunteers or supporting few small groups indirectly like #chennaimicro was a major social media based initiative by RJ Balaji & Actor Siddharth to meet demand and supply of food, medicines and other essentials for #chennai flood victims..

From this ChennaiFlood given learning and questions…

  • Chennai people for them by them..
  • மனிதனேயம்!
  • People helping their best to save human life
  • Social media support for this flood, awesome results
  • Facebook helped to know our friends are safe
  • Few Companies are start taking initiatives help Chennaites (Ola offered free boat service, Uber help free ride, )
  • Living together without even talked early with in same apartments
  • Communication, How to make better at any situation.
  • If no electricity power, whats happen & what is the precaution
  • How update the status to relation and friends
  • Dont share the false information.. (Dec 4th afternoon, I was in near kasi theatre, Suddenly one lady shouted lake is broken have to leave rightaway, area got panic and every one start packing again, then realise it was false message)

One of my Blogger friend..
Screen Shot 2015-12-26 at 1.40.44 AM

My Nano Rescue support starts at Dec 4th 2015 on field.
I was went to Jafferkhanpet to find-out one my relation, This is my personal visit, but situation made me to jump into #chennairescue and #chennairainshelp.

  1. I was landed Behind the BSNL office and parked my bike, one apartment owner came and inform dont park here… I told other places are full of water, requested to park that public place 🙁
  2. For that place have lots of apartments with 2 to 3 floors.. All downstairs are full of water so they all came out, few others are stayed their friends or 1st floor neighborhoods.
  3. I seen one Boat(with 4 fishermans), 2 tractors are helping ppl to tavel the places
    (some time they collected money, but its fine)
  4. No power, No mobile network,
  5. I started walk into the water seen couple of volunteer (without any party or company batches) given food for affected ppl..
  6. I asked the address near the shop which one opened partially. He told have to walk into water long and near the temple. Also he advised me have to walk on the center place and don’t go left or right because lots of broken bottles are there. I am getting little scared :O.
  7. Started walkin the street which full of water, level get nee to leg and dress started wet. without consider started walk in, Seen one couple with lessthen a month baby holding – looking left and right. I asked “May i help”. He told want to reach the near by the apartment which one mother-in-laws house. I just helped routing the correct way with walk first and then they followed me and reached another apartment. I asked at 11.30 “Are you hard breakfast?” He response “No. But okay will have it..” ;(
  8. Then decided I can help some time there as much possible (This motivation came from my college NSS activities & experience..).
    1. Given support to senior citizens who wants to find their relation and guide the routes as much i know.
    2. Helped to move the food packs, who not able to come down and collect it.
    3. Helped ppl to jump the boat and pulled the places.. (I was used kattumaran trip experience helped here..)
    4. Some apartment guys not able to step in the Tractor, I helped those guys and given the safety information (When I was in my home town i know the tractor drive and handling safety measures.. Its really helped here..)
    5. One couple (his wife 8month pregnant)wants to move out of the place from above hip level water. They little afraid, if she step in might got infection. So I understand the situation tried to get boat, But sad is no one came for help, Then she wear one raincoat fully covered and started walk and reach the dry place ;( (I am sad not that situation..)
  9. Finally reach my relation house and chat some time and returned back.
  10. Then updated the status to their parents, all happy.
Screen Shot 2015-12-26 at 1.58.50 AM

Few Click from camera

Why am I posted this, At-least This will motivate you to help on crucial or disaster you can help as much as possible.

Thanx all supporters and friends from twitter, facebook and motivated me.