Univercell Sync – Techsperience to Buying Mobiles and Accessories

Now a days to buying a Mobile or Mobile Accessories is a challenge to find out the correct product and brand to match our expectation. 90% of the people figured out “Oh! shit its not full fill my requirement after bought one. Then what to do? Have to buy another one to satisfied that. If that also goes wrong, Oh! my ***.

After visited #Chennai “Univercell Sync – The Mobile Expert” showroom I felt to sync my experience with you friends.

Univercell Sync!
One of the mobile showroom Techsperience store named UniverCell SYNC in India on the 27th of July. Bangalore was chosen as the first tech-destination for the introduction of these new format stores. The Univercell Sync store in Chennai is the fifth in the country after Bengalore, Mumbai, Pune and Hyderabad.

Whats IN?
UniverCell SYNC showroom provides customer a fantastic #techsperience with the segregated into various zones like Point & shoot, Music, Work & play, New and Noteworthy. This zones are categorized in such a way based on the customers expectation. Every Zone having the variety of Models and brands. Also you an pick and feel the experience with real mobile or accessories. most of the showroom sales people telling if your buy can open the box, otherwise… This store break that cap and make it customer happy.

Every Zone having one checklist, So customer can check it and match their requirement. If needed Sales folks will helping to find out the right gadget 🙂

Also if you buying the mobile online, before that go and check the real techsperience to buy it on this showroom.
If you feel why “Letz get into the zones and the experience it here.

Point & Shoot zone:-

Point & Shoot

Point & shoot zone having the photography lovers zone. Here your can test the mobile and check with taking few picture and experience it. Nice to have the real phone with taking photo.

Here one checklist pined, you can verify is this zone fulfill your taste. Oh! You can also shoot and take real photo print on the spot and check the Quality of the picture. Its nice customer know about the taking picture also the quality when printing the photography.

Music Zone:

Music Zone

Music zone having the verity of speakers and the headsets. Various models and based customers requirement. Listening Music is not enough. You have to feel it to enjoy the music. Here I tested one headset with my mobile “moto-e”, song listen is okay, then tested with HTC and that beat headset explore the same song in different way. Mind-blowing experience, then only realize every phone and the headsets are optimized in such a level to enjoy the music. I feel Wow!

Work & play Zone:-

Work & play Zone

Work and play zone having the phones which smart phone using to surf internet and playing games related mobiles and tablets. Here few limited devices are there, because of the usecase is important. Also having few phone supporting the external display with real monitor display is real feel the techsperience. Amesing!

Budget Bazaar:-

Budget Bazaar

Budget Bazaar having the various brand and medium price level, customer can see the specification and easy to pick one based on his budget and requirement.

Watch. Wonder. Learn. Share.

Watch. Wonder. Learn. Share.

This is interesting place customer can test and share ideas about it. Showroom provides wifi so can check and share realtime experience.

New and Noteworthy:-
Here to show casing the latest arrivals & popular products.

Just ask:-

Just ask

Final one is Just ask, Here you can ask any information related to the mobile gadgets those experts will help and explain it simple.

HAPPY Customers with UniverCell SYNC:-
The showroom expert telling more then ~20,000 HAPPY customers on every MONTH throughout the country. Its making the customer satisfaction and trust.

Selling the phones with Customers delight, HOW?
Once customer finished the Mobile Brand and model or the accessories, checking the warranty and other information, finally going to the payment section.

Here sync people might helpout for the mode of Payment. If you are using the credit-cards they might help if possible to use reward points to redeem it. So surprisingly the cost of the mobile went down and make them more HAPPY. Wow!

About Univercell Sync Mobile showroom:-

Univercell Sync known as the UniverCell-The Mobile Expert. Over 450+ Mobile showroom in India. Univercell is Chennai’s first large-format mobile retail store in Chennai, Start selling the mobiles from 2000. Its become India’s largest mobile retailer and one of India’s best known brands, especially in Indian metros.

What special from UniverCell Sync:-

  • The first mobile retailer to implement ‘Touch Feel’ concept
    -You can touch and feel the real device and experiment then to buy.
  • Exchange offers
    – You can exchange you old phone there
  • Knowledgeable staff-groomed in customer service and soft skills
    – All the staff are expert in such a area like photography, music, work and play related skills. You can get more information from these guys compare to spending more time online search and get the details.
  • Easy installments-0% interest on credit cards
    – If you eligible can get the Mobiles on installment.
  • Short code service SMS 56070
  • Door step delivery, buying from the online shop “UniverCell Buy Online
    -You can order online and get delivery same day or next day itself.

UniverCell Mobile Android  App:-
UniverCell having a mobile app for Android Phones. Using that app, Check out the latest phones and best deals anytime & New arrivals, Popular products, products that are coming soon, and a wide variety of accessories.

You can scan and download app using QR-Code:-

Or you can download from Google play store : “UniverCell Mobile” or you can visit http://www.univercell.in/mobile-app

I would like to Thank indiblogger given opportunity to visit the Mobile showroom and experience the “Techsperience” with “Univercell Sync”
Thanks Mr. Abhimanyu walk through the store and detailed explanation and demonstrations.

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  1. Great post Gavaskee! Found it very useful!
    You are explored #chennai “Univercell Sync” make me to Buying Mobiles and Accessories.

  2. Very nice blog on explaining the features of the new store. I for one, welcome the humanization of retail customer. Even if there are many e portals today, they lack a human touch and experience, which univercell have done beautifully. Will look forward to visiting this store.

  3. Amazing post. It’s really nice to read this blog. Very useful and informative about the store and their poducts “Univercell Sync”. You are showcasing all their features from start to end. Definitely store #Univercell will give awesome customer experiences.