My Achievements

I would like to share my achievements in “ – an online loan marketplace where you can get the lowest rates on your personal loans, home loans and car loans

1. This is my first project at to improve the page speed using css sprites and css cleanup form existing system.

2. This is our Associates project release on small team to achieve with in target time

3. This is our MSN Money India – Stocks release

Will update more soon..

Few from newsarticles:

1. VC Firm Walden Intl Invests $6 m in Fin Services Start-up

In its first investment in a pure-play financial services start-up in India, Walden International, a global venture capital firm, has invested $6 million in, an online marketplace for consumer loans and insurance products. This is the second round of funding for the Chennai based start-up that raised $1.2 million initially from a strategic investor AVT Infotech. “We will use this round of funding to aggressively hire and advertise our portfolio of services, including the lowest rates of insurance that we will soon introduce’, says Adhil Shetty, chief executive officer, BankBazaar, who returned to India after a stint at Deloitte Touche Tomahatsu in New York to co-found the company in 2007.
Apart from direct to consumer services, the start-up also powers the MSN Money portal and offers lowest loan rates on other media sites. At present the company has a team of 40 employees, most of whom are engineers. Private equity investments in the banking and financial services sector has been on an upswing with nearly 44 deals worth $1,045 million in the sectorin 2010, according to research firm Venture Intelligence.

Economic Times Coverage of the Investment is below:
Leading global Venture Capital Firm Walden International invests $6 mn in to grow the firm into the Indian Loan and Insurance Products.


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