Cricket world cup 2011 – Real Indians

Big compliments for Captain Cool , India won the 2011 Cricket world cup. It shows the Captains Responce, king of the world that is Dhoni Team “Our Indian team”.

We are celebrating the victory. Its same day like 1983 compare the calender of the April month.
When watching the worldcup 2011 camera focusing on VIP blocks. one moment I struck.

Yes. its South India Tamil super star Actor Rajinikath, near amir and one of the world richest person Mukesh Ambani ans team india supporters. This is the Real Indians right.

Rajini proves he not only actor, he is Indian.

Rajinikanth, Nita Ambani, Aamir Khan,Mukesh Ambani @ 2011 Cricket World Cup Final

Rajinikanth and his Daughter to support indian team

more info:
“Sachin’s son, Rajinikanth at Final”