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Google Search Conference 2018 Chennai

Googleblog Announcing the Google Search Conference 2018 will happen major Indian cities include Chennai. It will be invite base to attend this event. As per google researches Indian users started looking into their Regional language.  This time google In addition to Hindi, will cover  four other Indian languages such as Tamil, Telugu, Marathi and Bengali.… Read More »

Great Indian Festival Deals from Amazon India

Great deals on Toys and electronics.. Second sale : Oct 17 to 20.. Buy Baby products : Buy toys from (Toyzone Eco Panda Magic Car, White) : Ear Phone :

பொது அறிவு தகவல்கள் – செப்டம்பர்

உலகப் புகழ் பெற்ற மோனாலீசா ஓவியம் இடது கையால் வரையப்பட்டது. எப்போதும் காற்று வீசும் திசையிலேயே தலை வைத்துப் படுக்கும் மிருகம் நாய். தேசியக் கொடியை முதல் முதலில் உருவாக்கிய நாடு டென்மார்க் 1219 – ல் உருவாக்கியது. எறும்புகள் உணவு இல்லாமல் 100 நாட்கள் வாழும். ஒரு பென்சிலைக் கொண்டு 58 கி.மீ நீளமான கோடு போடலாம். பாம்புகளுக்கு கேட்கும் சக்தி கிடையாது. நண்டிற்கு தலை கிடையாது, அதன் பற்கள் வயிற்றில் இருக்கும். வெள்ளை என்பது ஒரு… Read More »

Toilet for Babli with Domex Toilet Academy

This post about Toilet for Babli for Domex to latest initiative to help make villages ‘open-defecation’ free. they running the #ToiletForBabli, I am going to brief about it. In my childhood days I remember No toilets in my home even my village and town don’t have the toilet facility. We gone to formland or lack… Read More »

Hyundai contest winner!

HyundaiIndia ‏@HyundaiIndia 19 Sep: Three cheers for Gavaskee, the winner for the sixth question of ‘Treat It Like You Own It’ #contest! Hip Hip Hurray! It was surprised me, when my friends and colleague telling this. Feeling awesome when participating this contest couple of question. Thanx HyundaiIndia ‏for this “Treat It Like You Own… Read More »

Ambi Pur – IndiBlogger Chennai meet

Happy to share the info, one of IndiBlogger meetup at Chennai coming sunday. Ambi Pur in association with bring together an IndiBlogger meet at Chennai. Turn smelly air into smiley air and join the “Smelly to Smiley” movement! Febreze CAR is the first car product to use Febreze Odor Elimination technology to eliminate odors… Read More »


Every exited about the date of 12.12.12 Today is the date of 12.12.12,

Tata Grande Blogger Meet

Finally this years indiblogger chennai meet # 9th Oct’2011. I have registered for this meet. Tata Motors & IndiBlogger have an exciting event planned for Chennai’s bloggers! This is going to be the biggest IndiBlogger meet ever, because size matters! – – – After the meet. I missed the chance to attend the meet-up Friends… Read More »

My Achievements

I would like to share my achievements in “ – an online loan marketplace where you can get the lowest rates on your personal loans, home loans and car loans” 1. This is my first project at to improve the page speed using css sprites and css cleanup form existing system. 2. This is… Read More »