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Google Webmaster Conference 2019 – Chennai

Google announced webmaster conference 2019 happen in India July and August. Google conduct this Event at 15 cities and 6 languages (Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Tamil, English, Telugu). Also few cities welcome women only for...

Google for Tamil Special Campaign

Google for Tamil Special Campaign

#googleforTamil March 2018 is special day for me. I had a chance to attend GoogleforTamil event at Chennai. From that event few takeaway and motivating to start blog again in my Tamil language. Its...

Home Loan! Car Loan!!

எப்படியாவது ஒரு வீடு வாங்கனும், கார் வாங்கனும் என்று கனவு காண்பார்கள். அதுவும் கடன உடன வாங்கியாவது வாங்கனும் (Dream Home/ Car).

Hello world!

Welcome to my portfolio site and blog. i am updating this blog frequently, keep watch &  share your comments.