Univercell Sync – Techsperience to Buying Mobiles and Accessories


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4 Responses

  1. Theyagarajan S says:

    Great post Gavaskee! Found it very useful!
    You are explored #chennai “Univercell Sync” make me to Buying Mobiles and Accessories.

  2. Ganesh L says:

    Very nice blog on explaining the features of the new store. I for one, welcome the humanization of retail customer. Even if there are many e portals today, they lack a human touch and experience, which univercell have done beautifully. Will look forward to visiting this store.

  3. Raveendran says:

    Great Share Gavaskee. ‘Watch. Wonder. Learn. Share.’ slogan is 100% suits for this post

  4. Prasanna says:

    Amazing post. It’s really nice to read this blog. Very useful and informative about the store and their poducts “Univercell Sync”. You are showcasing all their features from start to end. Definitely store #Univercell will give awesome customer experiences.